General Election – November 8, 2022
• Last day to register for General Election: October 11, 2022
• Mail-in absentee portal dates: September 24 through October 25, 2022

Election Day
In-person voting will take place on the day of the Primary or General Election between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Polling Location for SPRING ARBOR is the STOPHER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GYM 14417 AIKEN RD.  Our Precinct is V126. To see if you are registered to vote, access Sample Ballots, or view a map to the voting location visit

Early In-Person Voting

Any registered voter may cast a ballot during early in-person voting. Early in-person voting takes place the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday immediately preceding the Primary and General Election. Check the link above for locations and times.

Registered voters who qualify may cast an in-person excused absentee ballot on the six business days before early voting. Check the link above for qualifications, location, and times.

Mail-In Absentee Voting:

Check the link above for qualifications and how to apply.

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